Our Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDipSW) programme provides you with a theoretical and professional practice focused curriculum in social work that promotes an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and its importance to competent advanced general and specialist practice. The Post Graduate Diploma programme begins with building knowledge and practice strength. Students are required to follow the plan for appropriate course sequencing and must complete the Diploma requirements within 1 year. Details of the Program (PPGDipSW) SPECIALIZATIONS Areas of Specialization:

* Health and Elderly Care
* Community Based Development
* Social Welfare Institution Management
* Adoption Management
* Childcare & Protection
* Social Work Advocacy and Campaign

(a) Health and Elderly Care

i. Gerontology (PPGD 012)
ii. Psychiatry Social Work (PPGD 013)

(b) Community Based Development

i. Community Relations and integration (PPGD 014).
ii. Community development Practice and cases (PPGD 015).

(c) Social Welfare Administration

i. Social Welfare Institutions (PPGD 016).
ii. Management of Non Profit Venture (PPGD 017).

(d) Institutional Management

i. Organizational Development (PPGD 018)
ii. Management Cases and Analysis (PPGD 019).

(e) Social Work Advocacy and Campaign

i. Program Design and Implementation (PPGD O2O)
ii. Principles of Public Relations (PPGD 021).


1. History and Philosophy of Social Work (PPGD 01)
2. Social Work Ethics and Jurisprudence (PPGD 02)
3. Case work and Social Counseling (PPGD 03)
4. Theories of Social Work (PPGD 04)
5. Principles and Practice of Social Work (PPGD 05)
6. Research Methodology for Social Work (PPGD 06)
7. Communication and Information Systems in Social Work ( PPGD 07)

SECOND SEMESTER (Compulsory Courses)

1. Dynamics of Family (PPGD 08)
2. Human Resource Management (PPGD 09)
3. Social Welfare Policy (PPGD 010)
4. Social Work Agencies and Institutions (PPGD 011)
5. Seminar (PPGD 022)
6. Practicum (PPGD 023)
7. Long Essay (PPGD 024)


Minimum of Bachelor degree/HND in any field
Relevant professional qualifications e.g. RN/RM
Relevant 5 O level credits; and
Any other qualification acceptable to the Council


Minimum of 1 academic year and maximum of 3 academic years

Admission Application Form – N15,000

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